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July 2017

The Australian Dollar – Overpriced?

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The Alchemist, Issue 32: Brief – Currency Update Introduction The Australian dollar is near its two-year high at US$0.797/A$ Recent strength in the Aussie dollar’s value has widely been attributed to Australian macroeconomic and global factors: The Australian unemployment figure of 5.6% in June is near its lowest point in 3.5 years The Prime Minister, among others, has suggested that…

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Cobalt — An Intense Blue Flash in the Pan?

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The Alchemist, Issue 31: Cobalt has had a meteoric rise in 2017. In this issue of The Alchemist, we delve into the cobalt market and try to piece together the demand story for the metal in order to try and understand what is driving demand and whether existing or likely supply could match it. Our investigations have led us to…

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