Independent financial advice in the resources and industrial sectors

About Us

The RFC Ambrian group of companies was established in Australia in 1985 and expanded to a global footing in the late 1990’s, moving to encompass the provision of corporate advisory services across a much broader spectrum of natural resources companies, ranging from emerging juniors through to multinationals.

The business has continued to expand, with the establishment of direct links to the London equity markets in 2002 when we became the first non UK-based AIM nominated adviser. The acquisition of Ambrian Partners from Ambrian Capital plc in 2012 strengthened our position as a leading specialist in the resource and energy sectors.

We are composed of high calibre, seasoned industry experts and professionals. We bring a personal, dedicated and focussed approach to our transactions.

We have evolved into a trusted partner for a broad range of clients through our mining and mineral expertise, extensive knowledge of the market and the dedication and tenacity of our people to see transactions and projects from development to successful execution.


Integrity, Diversity and Innovation are three key qualities that we value and believe are vital to a group’s strength and future progress. To maintain our reputation of excellence within the corporate advisory industry, our executives are required to exhibit the highest professional standards.

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RFC Ambrian

RFC Ambrian was formed in April 2012 following RFC’s acquisition of Ambrian Partners. In the preceding years both RFC and Ambrian Partners had established themselves as leading international resource sector finance houses.

RFC Group

The RFC group of companies was established in Australia in 1985, initially to foster investment in and the development of the burgeoning domestic junior mining sector, operating from primary offices in Perth and Sydney.

A group of the current senior directors of RFC Ambrian undertook a management buy-out of the core operating RFC companies in April 2001, and from then the business grew to include clients in both the industrial and energy sectors.

Ambrian Partners

Ambrian was established in London 2002 as a privately-owned specialist resource sector advisory firm, and grew to become one of the leading specialist resource and energy sector corporate finance and stockbroking groups in London.

RFC commenced a process to acquire Ambrian Partners from Ambrian Capital plc in late 2011, with the deal finalised in April 2012.

A Tradition of Transformation

Medieval alchemists blended philosophy and the physical sciences, and were particularly interested in metals and energy. They used the Quadratura Circuli, or squared circle, to represent the synthesis of the four primal elements — earth, water, fire and air — which they believed were the essence of all matter and energy.

RFC Ambrian has the Quadratura Circuli as its corporate logo. Natural resources and energy, represented by the square of this ancient symbol, are the essence of our business. In a modern context, the circle represents the synthesis resulting from unification of the elements of the vision for RFC Ambrian that gives the firm its unique identity and its capacity to be of special service to its clients.

We are dedicated to the creation of wealth through innovative financial transformation for our clients and shareholders. This extends to the industries and communities to which both RFC Ambrian and its clients belong.

The symbols of the alchemist serve to remind the firm that the transformation of the earth’s resources has always demanded these qualities, and that it is a contemporary part of an ancient tradition.

The transformation of ores and minerals for industrial, monetary and decorative purposes has occupied people throughout history. The earliest metallurgists learned to transform ores into smelted alloys of copper, tin and lead. Medieval alchemists tried to discover means of transforming these base metals into precious gold.

Prospectors and explorers through the ages have transformed mineral discoveries into enduring fortunes. Modern scientists continue to transform new discoveries into wealth. Today the successful development of natural resources presents technical and financial challenges that dwarf those of previous eras.