Compelling opportunities in natural resources and disruptive technologies

When circumstances have allowed, RFC Ambrian has taken the opportunity to partner with our clients’ businesses and other compelling opportunities in the natural resources sector. Our investments include positions in mining and resource extraction ventures and more recently, incubating disruptive technologies for the mineral extraction sector. These emerging technologies are redefining core processes in the gold mining supply chain as well as driving ore recovery efficiencies which lower operating costs, reduce environmental impact, and improve project economics.

Disruptive Technologies

We have dedicated considerable resources to progressing the Chrysos and NextOre businesses, which are commercialising technologies developed by the world-leading research body CSIRO. These innovations are pushing the envelope of progress in the natural resources sector and will generate significant industry impact over the next decade.

Additionally, we have formed Copper Technology Limited, which is licensed to use the NextOre detection and sorting technology and provides direct exposure to copper development projects which stand to benefit substantially from the application of this technology.

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Current RFC Ambrian investment positions include:

Chrysos’ unique, patented ChrysosTM PhotonAssay technology, developed over the past 15 years by the CSIRO, provides rapid, accurate and fully automated analysis of ore grade in real time. This timely information supports rapid decision making, improving efficiency, recovery and profitability without laborious, error-prone sample preparation or complex chemical treatment.

NextOre is set to deploy its innovative technologies into the mining and mineral processing sectors through the development of its next generation Magnetic Resonance (MR) ore sorting technology. The MR sensor provides near-instantaneous whole-of-ore grade estimates with highly accurate results in real time. NextOre is a joint venture between CSIRO, RFC Ambrian and Advisian.

CopperTech is working to become a project developer and producer by implementing a disruptive technology which upgrades copper ore before processing. The company has rights to Magnetic Resonance Bulk Ore Sorting Technology developed by CSIRO which it can use to significantly improve the financial profile of otherwise sub-economic copper deposits.

CMA is bringing a variety of innovative belt conveyor solutions to market which fundamentally enhance the safety of both underground and overland bulk material handling operations. By rethinking conveyors, CMA can decrease non-productive time, decrease installation time, and reduce lost equipment in mining and civil/tunnelling applications, all at a net saving to its customers.

Wave Swell Energy Ltd has developed a world-leading proprietary technology that converts ocean wave energy into clean and emissions-free electricity, which can be transmitted to shore or used to power an onboard- or shoreline-located desalination facility. Under development is a 1MW wave energy project, set to be installed in the ocean off the west coast of King Island, Tasmania.

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