Supporting disruptive technologies for heavy industry

RFC Ambrian has a strong track record of incubating and investing in the commercialisation of disruptive innovation for heavy industries. We apply a combination of corporate, financial and technical expertise to the natural resources and industrial sectors, which we believe are underserved by the current innovation ecosystem. These mature industries – which generally consume significant resources – are excellent candidates for technology driven efficiencies with the opportunity to leverage improvements over massive operations. These technologies can have significant impact on revenue and profitability creating compelling investment opportunities while supporting wise use of our planet’s limited resources.

Entrepreneurs: Bringing industrial technologies to market

Innovating for large industrial markets can pay enormous dividends, but the pathway is full of obstacles. Even sophisticated, proven and powerful technology is often not enough to break into markets where the primary customers are large, complex corporations with sales cycles measured in months and the preference to be a fast follower rather than early adopter. We seek to unlock these routes to commercialisation leveraging our deep industry connections as well as our business and entrepreneurial experience. We use our platform to connect innovative companies to investors, customers, and suppliers and draw upon hands-on startup experience to ensure that the value of your technology is clear and achievable.

We have partnered with CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation) to support scientific innovation and development to take the next steps on the journey to commercialisation. 

We work closely with world-class research organisations like CSIRO to move groundbreaking technology from the lab to the field and drive wider adoption. Leveraging our global industry connections, RFC Ambrian can access the true decision makers in a target organization to help innovators establish necessary internal support for new and exciting technologies. We have processes and resources – together with entrepreneurial experience – to build, mentor, and scale growing companies with high-impact industrial applications. 

We look for the following in potential investments:

  • Attractive market with >$500m opportunity
  • Convincing value proposition within heavy industries
  • Durable competitive advantage, preferably IP protection

Dirk Treasure, Chrysos CEO - wins emerging leader of the year award for 2018

“Start and scale-up businesses can deliver significant contributions to the industry” Chris Vinson at IMARC 2019

Nextore awarded $1.07m PSF grant from NSW Office of the Chief Scientist & Engineer

NextOre successfully raised $2.5m in a private funding round in 2019

Chris Beal, Nextore CEO, won first prize in the IMARC 2018 METS to Miners & Engineers’ Pitch Battle.

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Investor opportunities

RFC Ambrian is building a winning track record with disruptive technologies in heavy industries. Leveraging the success of our commercialisation ventures to date, we are actively seeking to bring additional capital partners together with exciting investment opportunities. We believe this underserved segment of the innovation ecosystem contains great depth and presents the opportunity to participate in a new wave of Australian innovation.

Investment opportunities exist for:

  • HNW individuals or family offices – esp. veterans of heavy industries
  • Corporations – generally in the form of a strategic partnership which may include a direct investment
  • Institutional investors including Superannuation funds