Mining Sustainability 1 – Caught Between a Rock and a Green Place

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This is the first report by RFC Ambrian in our series on sustainability in the mining industry. Most of the issues surrounding sustainability are not new and there is a tremendous amount of literature available on all the subjects. However, much of this is either voluminous or presented in superficial sound bites. As a result, we will be examining sustainability…

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Conveyor Manufacturers Australia

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RFC Ambrian is excited to be advising Conveyor Manufacturers Australia with the development & commercialisation of its conveyor technologies- underground Redline™ & surface Containerveyor™ systems. We are committed to incubate disruptive technologies & to innovation within the mining sphere, which includes Chrysos Corporation and Nextore. These exciting and breakthrough technologies are highlighted in a feature article by International Mining and…

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Copper M&A Update Report — Copper Projects Review 2020

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Following the hugely positive feedback we received from our copper report entitled ‘Copper M&A – The Cupboard is Nearly Bare’, published in November 2018, we have reviewed copper M&A activity in 2019 and updated the exploration projects section of the report. We previously concluded that the number of late-stage development copper projects that were likely candidates to be acquired was…

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