Our unique expertise is backed by a demonstrated track record

Who We Are

We are a respected partner to a range of global mining and resources companies from majors to junior explorers. Our Corporate Finance business provides hands-on assistance supporting a broad range of transactions by matching technical expertise with commercial acumen.

RFC Ambrian has a proven track record working with both listed and private companies in various sectors including natural resources, oil & gas, energy, mining services, infrastructure, and emerging technologies and infrastructure.

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Our Purpose

RFC Ambrian is a global leading independent adviser and investor in the natural resources market, with a particular emphasis on the metals and mining, oil & gas sectors and emerging technologies. Our clear and driven focus, is in transforming our financial acumen and knowledge into wealth, value and success for our clients and stakeholders.

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Our History

The RFC Ambrian group of companies was established in Australia in 1985 and expanded to a global footing in the late 1990’s, moving to encompass the provision of corporate advisory services across a much broader spectrum of natural resources companies, ranging from emerging juniors through to multinationals.

The business continued to expand, with the establishment of direct links to the London equity markets in 2002 when we became the first non-UK-based AIM nominated adviser. The acquisition of Ambrian Partners from Ambrian Capital plc in 2012 strengthened our position as a leading specialist in the resource and energy sectors.

We have evolved into a trusted partner for a broad range of clients through our mining and mineral expertise, extensive knowledge of the market and the dedication and tenacity of our people to see transactions and projects from development to successful execution.

In 2016 we began a unique relationship with the world-leading research body CSIRO which has led to the spin-out of two companies focused on commercialising technologies created by CSIRO. Both are rapidly gaining market traction and we anticipate that the disruptive technologies of both Chrysos and NextOre will become ‘game changers’ in the natural resources industry over the next few years, generating substantial value returns for ourselves and the other shareholders.

Tradition of Transformation

RFCA uses as our corporate logo the Quadratura Circuli (squared circle), a symbol popular with medieval alchemists, to represent the synthesis of the four primal elements believed to be the essence of all matter — earth, water, fire and air.

In a modern context the Quadratura Circuli represents the dedication and capacity that RFC Ambrian has in creating wealth through innovative financial transformation for our clients and shareholders. 

Prospectors and explorers through the ages have transformed mineral discoveries into enduring fortunes and modern scientists continue to transform new discoveries into wealth.

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