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NextOre has been awarded the 2021 KCA Award for Best Licensing Deal!

This win follows NextOre’s success at the 2020 Australian Technology Competition where the company was presented the Mining Technologies Award. NextOre is a breakthrough bulk ore sorting technology utilising magnetic resonance to provide accurate, whole-of-sample grade measurements and capable of operating at 5,000 tonnes per hour on the conveyor belt. NextOre delivers real time ore grade data which allows the…
14 September 2021
Disruptive TechnologyNews

Chrysos presented with prestigious KCA Award for Best Research Commercialisation

The KCA awards celebrate world-class research commercialisation that turns brilliant ideas into products and services to help humanity. This award focusses on the partnership between research and industry to successfully translate science into commercial outcomes. "Australian research is among the best in the world, but it takes skilled commercialisation professionals to translate it into valuable products to benefit society," Chair…
14 September 2020
Disruptive Technology

CSIRO spin-out of PhotonAssay technology recognised as a model combination of first-rate science with key strategic and commercial partnership

Adelaide-based disruptor Chrysos Corporation is using cutting-edge material analysis technology to step around centuries-old methods to improve returns to gold mining companies. CEO Dirk Treasure said Chrysos  has a strong network of leading scientists, engineers, manufacturing specialists and commercialisation managers. The company is backed by the brains of the Australian national science agency CSIRO and the financial acumen of natural…
20 August 2020
Disruptive TechnologyNews

NextOre raises $2.5 million in private funding in 2019

NextOre has expanded its private funding round to $2.5 million which will be used to ramp up manufacturing and sales of its flagship bulk ore sorting sensor system. NextOre announces the expansion of its $2.0 million fundraising, first announced in July 2019, to $2.5 million marking the completion of this funding round. This disruptive technology in the mining space represents…
31 December 2019
Disruptive TechnologyNews

Nextore awarded a $1.07m grant from NSW Office of the Chief Scientist & Engineer

Nextore has received recognition for their breakthrough magnetic resonance technology - grade detection system to mobile mining machinery, through being awarded a $1.07million grant through the Physical Sciences Fund from the NSW Office of the Chief Scientist & Engineer. The Physical Sciences Fund (“PSF”) is a competitive development and commercialisation program for technological innovation in NSW. The PSF aims to…
16 December 2019