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The Alchemist_Issue 36 – Copper Price Outlook – update

Reflecting on the Copper Price Cycle - How Good Are Consensus Forecast Where we are in the commodity price cycle is one of the most often discussed and relevant questions for the industry and in this Issue of The Alchemist we consider the copper price movements since January 2016 in order to evaluate the usefulness of the methodology outlined in…
15 October 2019

Where are we in the mining capital cycle?

The mining industry is cyclical. Sir John Templeton famously said that the four most expensive words in the English language are: “this time it’s different”. Taking this into account, it’s worth having a look at the capital cycle in relation to the mining industry to get some pointers as to where we are in the cycle and what we could…
18 May 2017

Company Winners and Losers in Africa

On 28th January RFC Ambrian presented Company Winners and Losers in Africa at the Finding Petroleum’s Africa conference. We believe that for those well placed oil and gas companies that can hold their nerve, this is a time to make substantial long-term gains. What do we mean by well placed? These are production companies that combine low financial leverage and…
28 January 2015