Operational Assessment Framework

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RFC Ambrian has developed as a flexible operational assessment toolkit which focuses management and technical resources on obtaining or rebuilding an operation’s full potential. This flexible assessment methodology includes a proprietary statistical analysis of data generated from monitoring the asset in order to probe key operational indicators and quickly prioritise feasible and impactful solutions. We firmly believe that a well-executed…

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Mining Sustainability 4 – Climate Change and the Decarbonisation Challenge

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This is the fourth report from RFC Ambrian in our series on sustainability in the mining industry. This report is about climate change. We take a closer look at the mining industry’s CO2 footprint, what GHG emission targets mining companies are setting, and examine what they are doing to reduce their carbon footprints, particularly though the decarbonisation of energy. We also…

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How can the mining industry unlock the hidden value of tech start-ups?

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If you missed or want to revisit the IMARC Mining Beacon webinar from 01 October, which discussed the mining tech start-up space and the challenges being faced, and innovative solutions being delivered, please follow this link:  How can the mining industry unlock the hidden value of start-ups? The webinar featured a panel of industry experts, Chris Vinson RFC Ambrian, Nick…

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Report 1 – Mining 4.0 and Corporate Strategy

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RFC Ambrian has released the first in a series of reports on new technology and innovation in the mining sphere and touch on some of the concepts and issues being discussed around the implementation of new technology in the mining industry, including ‘the fourth industrial revolution’ and ‘Mining 4.0’. This report also takes a look at some of the strategies…

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Where are we in the mining capital cycle?

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The mining industry is cyclical. Sir John Templeton famously said that the four most expensive words in the English language are: “this time it’s different”. Taking this into account, it’s worth having a look at the capital cycle in relation to the mining industry to get some pointers as to where we are in the cycle and what we could…

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