The Mining and Metals Industry Reaction – Is It Smoke and Mirrors?

Decarbonisation: The Mining and Metals Industry Reaction – Is It Smoke and Mirrors?

In this issue, The Alchemist critically examines the decarbonisation levers available to the mining and metals industry and the actions taken thus far.

Mining and metals companies are evaluating their portfolios and determining future strategy in light of a carbon constrained future.

In response, many have set ambitious decarbonisation targets such as “Net Zero by 2050” and taken the first steps towards implementing strategies to achieve them.

The Alchemist aims to cast some light on the reality of the situation and ask some difficult questions:

  • How will the industry achieve such ambitious decarbonisation targets?
  • What strategies have been implemented to reduce reportable emissions?
  • Are these strategies optimal or do they merely shift the burden to other market participants?

The modification of existing processes is challenging, as is considering new incentives. We are starting to see green shoots of mining companies attempting to drive changes at the operational level, adopt new technologies, and display a greater willingness to collaborate with industry through corporate leadership and commercial culture, with the ultimate goal to reduce operational emissions.

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15 Sep, 2020