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What we do

RFC Ambrian Limited is a global leading independent advisor, investor and venture builder in natural resources and other heavy industries. We have a proven track record of specialist advice for our clients with a history of growing businesses that can meaningfully reduce the industry’s environmental impact.

Our highly experienced advisory team offers tailored services in corporate finance and broking, focusing primarily on the natural resources sector.
With significant industry expertise, our team invests in natural resources, focusing on mining, disruptive technologies, and efficiency in heavy industries.
We manage institutional funds, targeting opportunities in critical minerals and decarbonisation technology, aiming for impactful, sustainable investments.

Who we are

We are a respected partner to a range of global mining and resources companies from global majors to explorers and developers. Our team provides hands-on assistance for a broad range of transactions by blending technical expertise with commercial acumen.

We have a proven track record working with both listed and private companies in various sectors across natural resources, energy, emerging technologies, and infrastructure, as well as the related equipment and services sectors.

RFC Ambrian is passionate about supporting heavy industries as they reduce impact on the environment while continuing to deliver vital resources.
Our expertise in natural resources and heavy industries is unparalleled.

Why choose us

Our expertise in natural resources and heavy industries is unparalleled.

With over 35 years in business, our track record in successful transactions, impactful projects, and commitment to sustainability and innovation sets us apart, ensuring value creation and strategic growth for our clients.

Our values


Respect for our team members, clients and all other stakeholders


Demonstrating genuine empathy for the people with whom we interact


Maintaining the highest standards of integrity in all of our dealings – always

Global relationships

Over more than three decades in business, RFC Ambrian has built and maintained relationships at board and senior management level with some of the largest resources companies in the world. Our network of trusted contacts spans the globe and has led to us completing transactions and providing continued advice to a range of large industry players.

RFC Ambrian’s strong analysis, astute tactical advice, and unwavering commitment made it a critical cog in the deal team that successfully acquired Atlas Iron (named Merger Market’s “Energy, Metals and Utilities 2018 M&A Deal of the Year”)

-Garry Korte,

CEO of Hancock Prospecting

I used RFC Ambrian as the lead external adviser for the recent Anglo American Asset Review because I knew that their commercial-technical perspective would ensure that the multi-disciplinary team’s focus was not too narrow.

-Mark Cutifani,

CEO of Anglo American (2013-2022)

When my company decided to pursue a new business line within our group, RFC Ambrian helped bring structure to the business planning process. We leveraged their resource industry expertise, network, and commercial capabilities to endorse and refine our approach. RFC Ambrian has also been instrumental in assisting the tendering process for projects for this new business, including but not limited to KYC process, bid proposal preparation and negotiation with our end customers of the new business.

-Senior Manager,

Global integrated energy company

Want to hear about our track record of transformational natural resources deals?

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