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RFC Ambrian Funds Management is a manager of institutional funds with multi-strategy portfolios which target high conviction opportunities across:

  • Critical Minerals – High-conviction exposure to metals and mining assets which are positioned to benefit disproportionately from decarbonisation.
  • Decarbonisation Technology – Early-stage investments in emerging technologies with high potential to add value in a carbon constrained paradigm.

RFC Ambrian is uniquely positioned to capitalise on the critical minerals and decarbonisation technology thematic. We have an extensive history of investment and advisory in the natural resources sector and a track record of investment in disruptive, early-stage technology investments in heavy industries.

Experience Manager of Institutional funds
Funds management purpose


Increasingly ambitious national emissions reductions policies, net zero alliances and corporate net zero emissions pledges are creating significant market tailwinds for the decarbonisation thematic. Despite meaningful progress being made, decarbonisation is still in its infancy and substantial technology and materials supply gaps exists.

The Manager’s purpose is to deliver impact investments which responsibly contribute to decarbonisation, whilst earning superior risk adjusted returns. Managed funds will be invested in high-conviction exposure to critical minerals and technologies which are positioned to benefit disproportionately from the decarbonisation thematic.


  • Critical Minerals – A combination of structural and cyclical drivers are pointing towards a new commodities super-cycle for critical minerals. The decarbonisation thematic is creating new uses and massive demand growth for critical minerals. Geopolitical developments are also reshaping supply chains. Against a backdrop of relative underinvestment in recent years, the outlook for responsibly sourced critical minerals is bright.

  • Decarbonisation Technology – The decarbonisation thematic will be underpinned by a transition from existing fossil fuel-based energy technologies, to new low emissions technologies. As industrial emitters exhaust low hanging, easy-to-abate emissions, they will need to turn to new technologies that address hard-to-abate processes in order to meet net-zero commitments. The demand for critical minerals will also require new technologies to enable the critical minerals supply 
chain to deliver.
Critical Minerals And Decarbonisation Technology
Deep experience and an ESG focus

Deep experience and an ESG focus

RFC Ambrian has developed a reputation as a trusted advisor to the natural resources, energy and heavy industrial sectors since 1985. We have a proven track record of specialist advice for our clients with a history of growing businesses that can meaningfully reduce the industry’s environmental impact.

We are acutely sensitive to reputational matters and believe poor environmental and societal outcomes lead to poor returns. Our ESG focus ensures that we will only invest in in opportunities with environmentally and socially responsible mining and operational practises. We will actively engage with our investee companies to continually drive positive ESG outcomes.

Success stories

We have applied our expertise of developing disruptive technology companies, and expanded our industries of focus. We look for opportunities across the heavy industries, with a particular emphasis on decarbonisation technologies or those that have a dramatic improvement in efficiency of a process.

RFC Ambrian’s strong analysis, astute tactical advice, and unwavering commitment made it a critical cog in the deal team that successfully acquired Atlas Iron (named Merger Market’s “Energy, Metals and Utilities 2018 M&A Deal of the Year”)

-Garry Korte,

CEO of Hancock Prospecting

When my company decided to pursue a new business line within our group, RFC Ambrian helped bring structure to the business planning process. We leveraged their resource industry expertise, network, and commercial capabilities to endorse and refine our approach. RFC Ambrian has also been instrumental in assisting the tendering process for projects for this new business, including but not limited to KYC process, bid proposal preparation and negotiation with our end customers of the new business.

-Senior Manager,

Global integrated energy company

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