Nickel Prices: A Mathematical Perspective on Nickel Price Cycles

The commodity price cycle is a constant theme for discussion and a key consideration for all mining industry stakeholders as the main driver of investment decisions. However, with the Covid-19 pandemic and significant global government intervention leading to the compression of the most recent credit cycle, has nickel, a historically cyclical commodity, maintained its pricing cycles of yesteryears?

Issue 40 of The Alchemist answers this by providing a mathematical insight into long-term nickel price forecasts to examine the impact of the recent events against the backdrop of increasing demand as a critical commodity to the energy transition. It will also be referenced against consensus forecasts, which are understandably heavily influenced by short term events and perspectives. This analysis draws upon The Alchemist’s previous Fourier Analysis of the Copper Market (Issues 36 and 27).

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13 Feb, 2023