Principal Investments

RFC Ambrian partners with our clients’ businesses and other compelling opportunities in the natural resources sector. Our investments include positions in mining and resource extraction ventures and more recently, incubating disruptive technologies for the heavy industries sector. These emerging technologies are redefining core processes in the gold mining supply chain, improving humanitarian demining, efficently producing hydrogen or driving ore recovery efficiencies.


Commercialisation & Creating Investment Opportunities

Along with our partners, RFC Ambrian has dedicated considerable resources to progressing the Chrysos and NextOre businesses, which are commercialising disruptive technologies developed by the world-leading research body CSIRO. These innovations are pushing the envelope of progress in the natural resources sector while improving sustainability and safety for adopters of the technology. Both are on track to create substantial wealth for investors and generate significant industry impact over the next decade.

Additionally, RFC Ambrian works with independent technology creators such as the industry veterans behind Conveyor Manufacturers Australia’s (CMA) simple yet elegant belt conveyor products. Like Chrysos and NextOre, CMA’s innovative conveyor designs reduce environmental footprint in natural resources and heavy industrial applications, while materially improving workforce safety.

RFC Ambrian has applied our expertise of developing disruptive technology companies, and expanded our industries of focus. We look for opportunities across the heavy industries, with a particular emphasis on decarbonisation technologies or those that have a dramatic improvement in efficiency of a process.

RFC Ambrian is always searching for creative technology applications, and to this end formed Copper Technology Limited. CopperTech is licensed to use the NextOre sensing and sorting technology and can provide direct exposure to copper development projects which stand to benefit substantially from the application of this technology.

RFC Ambrian manage multi-strategy funds for institutional investors wishing to gain exposure to Critical Minerals and Decarbonisation Technologies. Fund investments leverage    RFC Ambrian’s expertise across the resources and energy industries.

Current RFC Ambrian investment positions include:


Copper Technology


MRead limited



Working on a new innovation that supports sustainability for heavy industry?