Themes and takeaways from Diggers 2019

RFC Ambrian’s Cian Caffrey shared his takeaways with

“Gold was inescapable this year and for very good reason. Some well-timed announcements from the likes of Red 5 and Resolute in the week leading up to Diggers did the trick nicely and meant a steady stream of gawkers and well-wishers at the booths and presentations. We also liked the nickel sulphide battery metals thematic and the WA potash development fundings recently announced. Is there room for another few SOP developers in the mixer?

For upside potential in gold I really like the look of some of the smaller explorers, especially ones in close proximity to milling infrastructure, with serious exploration smarts on the team, directors with skin in the game and lean operating structures. Lefroy Exploration and Black Cat Syndicate spring to mind, and further afield who can fail to be impressed by Spectrum’s exploration results and Calidus’ recent PFS at Warrawoona?

One thing that struck me this year is that, while previously it felt as if people were paying lip service to technological innovations, we’re now really seeing them being put into practise and the use of these technologies is becoming ingrained in operating culture – whether it’s using drone imaging and drone mag to fly super detailed surveys over salt lakes, seismics for deep exploration targeting, ore sorting in gold, tin and copper, PhotonAssaying for real-time gold analysis or big data and AI for prospect generation. I came across some exceptional stories and as always, the juniors and mid-tiers are leading the charge and the majors will come onboard once the party is in full swing.

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The excerpt above is courtesy of Aspermont Ltd

13 Aug, 2019