Chrysos honoured with South Australian Premier’s Award

For its revolutionary PhotonAssay technology, Chrysos was presented with the 2020 South Australian Premier’s Award in Energy and Mining for Productivity Improvement within the engineering, technology and services sector.

To watch the video showcasing the technology, follow this link

Chrysos technology
Chrysos’ PhotonAssay technology provides miners with the rapid, high-quality data they need to run their operations. Gold and associated commodities are measured in minutes rather than days, allowing the industry to monitor and optimise their operations in real-time.
Advanced engineering and software packages Chrysos’ technology into a convenient and easy-to-use system suitable for remote mining locations. An innovative fee-for-service business model allows customers to access PhotonAssay with minimum up-front risk or expenditure.

RFC Ambrian and industrial technologies
RFC Ambrian has partnered with the CSIRO and the US Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) to form a Basic Industries Science Incubator and Venture Fund to incubate and commercialise basic industry technologies directed to lower humankind’s environmental footprint.
We are committed to making a difference through: engaging with mining companies to become Innovation Partners; Australian Universities to become Science Partners; and large funds to finance the ventures.

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