Operational Assessment Framework for your metals and mining asset

RFC Ambrian has developed as a flexible operational assessment toolkit which focuses management and technical resources on obtaining or rebuilding an operation’s full potential. This flexible assessment methodology includes a proprietary statistical analysis of data generated from monitoring the asset in order to probe key operational indicators and quickly prioritise feasible and impactful solutions.

We firmly believe that a well-executed operational review can provide valuable insight as a standalone project or as a key component of a broader strategic business planning process.

Our toolkit assesses the following within the context of each operation:

  • What does peak performance without capital look like?
  • How close to peak performance is the asset operating?
  • How can the asset get to the peak without significant capital or undue risk?
  • How achievable are the current plans for the asset?
  • What might the full potential of the asset be?

Rather than simply providing an off-the-shelf playbook we seek to ensure successful outcomes by partnering with clients to provide the necessary support for the implementation, maintenance, and ongoing mentoring of the improvement program. The ultimate goal is to achieve maximum value through sustainable and meaningful improvements to business and operating practices, culture and cash flow.

To learn more about RFC Ambrian’s assessment toolkit, download our 5page report here.

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